Knitting in Tuscany

Knitting in Tuscany

Ciao! Welcome to Knitting in Tuscany! Let the Tuscan countryside inspire you as we focus on relaxing and knitting during this week of workshops, delicious meals and time for renewal. Montisi is a medieval village full of magic. The Villa Maddalena, comfortable and cozy while boasting expansive rooms, views and old world charm, opens its doors onto the main village street, granting access to all the village has to offer: great dining, light shopping, incredible views and friendly inhabitants. Enjoy knitting under the Tuscan sun in the lush garden that boasts a view of the next hill village. Olive orchards and vineyards dot the hillsides.

The food and wine are simple in the Tuscan way, but given full attention by our guest chefs and the local restaurants. A light walk around the village after meals keeps us fit and allows us to take in the sights, sounds, and smells. Bring your camera along.


2024: September 7 – 14
This trip is now full.

• Village views-Antica, Girasole, Siena

• Garden views-ground floor Madre

• Garden views- Fresco, Giardino, Maddalena

• Garden views- Granaio (*shared)

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A $500 per-person non-refundable deposit is due upon registration. Payment in full is due April 30. Questions? Contact us

LOCATION: Montisi, Italy

THE EXPERIENCE: A region famous for local, seasonal and fresh foods, shopping, tours with professional artist, visiting an olive oil factory, wine and cheese sampling. Make new knitting friends!

LODGING: Villa Maddalena in Montisi. Choose your room in this charming villa. Pricing varies by room location, see Lodging and Pricing.

HEALTH & FITNESS: While we do relax often, we also walk to sites for meals and tours. For details, see The Experience.

PRICING: Varies by room selection, starting at $3,600- Includes lodging, meals, most local transportation, visit to cashmere goat farm. Full details under Pricing.

TRAVEL: You make your own flight arrangements. We can assist you in getting from Rome or other cities to Montisi. We give you detailed instructions on taking the train to Sinalunga or Chiusi, the train stops closest to Montisi/Villa Maddalena; see Travel for more information.

TIPS FOR TRAVELERS: Are you Knitting in Tuscany? See our Tips for Travelers page for registered travelers. See our Tips for Travelers page for registered travelers. Read the Trips for Knitters Responsibility/Disclaimer Statement.

The Experience

Itinerary: Tuscany

Subject to change.

The village gets going by 8am, with stores opening, commuters on their way to work, and many people catching up on the local news while getting their coffee and brioche at Il Barino. Most things close at 1:30pm and remain so until 5:30pm. Then the evening hubbub begins with shopping, eating and catching up on the local news, a favorite pastime for many. For those of us at Villa Maddalena, the schedule looks like this most days:
7am: Coffee & tea is ready in the kitchen to enjoy wherever and whenever you choose.
8am: Breakfast buffet is ready; eat whenever and wherever you choose.
10am: An optional outing, which can be a tour in the village, a walk to the next village, or visiting a local place of interest. We may just knit at the Villa too.
1pm: Lunch at the Villa
3pm: Creativity workshop
6pm: Wine pouring, if not already begun.
7:30pm: Dinner at the Villa or at a restaurant. We observe Italian times for meals and dinner will probably end by 9:30 pm or 10pm as it is leisurely and can be several courses.

Travel Arrangements

Travel Arrangements

Who makes travel arrangements? You make your own flight arrangements from a major airport near you to Rome or other destination city.

What airport should I fly into? We recommend Rome or another major city as you’ll probably get the best pricing. Many knitters like to arrive a couple of days early to take in sights and to adjust to the time change. We’ll assist you in getting to Sinalunga or Chiusi, the train stops closest to Montisi.

What about flying in to other Italian cities? That all depends on your travel plans. We help travelers who are coming to Montisi from other cities, like Florence. We’ll arrange private transportation (your cost) or help with train schedules. If you find a good deal to Milan, Florence, Pisa or wherever, you could take the train to Rome or to Sinalunga, your final train destination. This will also depend on how seasoned and adventurous a traveler you are.

How do I get to the Villa? We recommend the train, although some have used a private car/driver or rental car. We give you detailed, step-by-step instructions on taking the train to Sinalunga or Chiusi, the train stops closest to Montisi/Villa Maddalena. You are met at the train station by a driver who transports you to the Villa. We’ll all be in touch online in advance of departure, so plans can be made to meet at the train in Rome or other cities, if not before. We have also had the group arrange for private transport to Rome for the return trip and can do this for the arrival trip if there is enough interest.

Can I purchase train tickets in advance online? You can purchase train tickets online at the official train website: Trenitalia. However, a word of caution: we have had knitters purchase Italian passes online through an agent site and they paid about five times what they would have paid if purchased in Italy. Let us know if you have other travel needs and we can advise as to the best approach.

Basic advice: purchase your ticket at the ticket kiosk or machines. Then you pay no extras.

Feel free to plan your train times using the Trenitalia site. We will suggest the ideal trains to catch a couple of weeks in advance of travel, once we have everyone’s itinerary.

What if I want to visit another town or city? What are the arrangements? Knitting in Tuscany is not a touring trip, it is rather a restful trip focusing on knitting, relaxation, and our observations and interactions with the small medieval village of Montisi. Daily activities within the village are scheduled to provide a glimpse into village life and stimulation beyond the Villa. Those desiring day trips during the week should consider having a rental car to have the flexibility to get around easily. At times, we can arrange transportation, but this is less reliable. We can also put you in contact with persons who arrange or provide tours.

We do recommend some extra time in Italy if your schedule will allow. The internet is a great place to start planning, and we can put you in touch with local trip advisors who provide excursion advice for a fee.

Tuscany Add-ons


Everyone who goes hot air ballooning with Ballooning in Tuscany loves the experience, even those who admitted to some fear prior to the experience. Once you’re in the basket, it’s peaceful and the scenery is unparalleled. All arrangements for this experience are between the knitter and Ballooning in Tuscany and can be made through their website.

Since the ballooning is early in the morning, you won’t miss much, but we think that Tuesday is the best day to schedule. If they can’t go then, arrangements can usually be made later in the week, pending availability. Pricing at Ballooning in Tuscany


Bring home a masterpiece that you created. Geared towards inexperienced painters, Liz’s class always gets rave reviews. We’ll create a space in the schedule for the painting class so you won’t miss anything else. Enjoy painting under the Tuscan sun with a master painter and teacher. Instruction is in English. Cost will depend somewhat on the number of participants, but plan on about 65 Euro.


Take a walk in the woods with Nico and his dogs and learn about truffle hunting the Tuscan way as we search for the famed white truffle, a delicacy of the region. No experience needed as you’ll observe and listen as this skilled truffle hunter shares his secrets. You’ll need good walking shoes as we head down the hill and into the reserve. Walk back as far as you can, then a lift in a truck is available. Cost is 25 Euro.

Old World Charm

Old World Charm

Nestled in central Tuscany in the heart of wine country, the rural village of Montisi is renowned for its delicious olive oil, vital community and historic architecture. With the main road passing through Montisi for years, villagers welcome visitors as a part of the village tradition. Visit the Montisi website for information about the village and area.

Villa Maddalena

The owner of Villa Maddalena discovered Montisi and in 2002 created the Villa, which features antique Italian furniture, beamed ceilings, red tile roofs, frescoed walls, fruit trees and gardens. Once a complex of apartments, cantina spaces, garages and other buildings, the Villa has eight bedrooms with bathrooms as well as comfortable communal spaces. We love that it opens out on to the main street, giving easy access to the village.

The Villa kitchen was designed to be enjoyed and for entertaining, the perfect place for meals created with local produce, meats, cheeses, breads and wines. Cooking classes with local chefs optimize the use of this ideal kitchen. Indoor and outdoor eating spaces allow for casual and formal dining. Picture yourself on the terrace, sipping coffee or wine, nibbling on cheese and bread and enjoying the view while knitting.

Knitting Groups

Our knitting group wants to do Knitting in Tuscany. Can we have rooms next to each other and special consideration for activities we want to do? With any size group, we do what we can to ensure you are in the rooms of your choice. Registering early is the best way to get the rooms of your choice. The best way to ensure that your group is lodged in proximity is if you select lodging at the Santa Caterina down the street. We’ll make all the arrangements for this. Contact us.

For large groups of four or more traveling together, please remember that you are a subgroup of a larger group. While we want your group to get everything out of Knitting in Tuscany that you want, we also expect you to participate in Knitting in Tuscany activities and programs. Some ways to optimize your participation: Sit with others at meals or while knitting; when in the larger group, avoid conversation that excludes others; be open to others joining your group; share with the larger group so we learn of your connection to each other.

To ensure that you can participate together when desired, please let us know which optional activities you are interested in and we will make every effort to arrange for you to be scheduled together.


Per-person fee includes lodging, meals, cooking classes, village tours and cashmere goat farm visit. You’ll need money for wine and personal expenses and any optional outings that may come up.

When registering with Trips for Knitters, you’ll be asked to select the type of room you’d like. Save! Share a queen bed with spouse, partner or friend and you each save $400.

Register Now → 2024 September 7- September 14

A $500 per-person non-refundable deposit is due upon registration. Payment in full is due April 30.

View the unique available rooms in Rooms (below).


Second Floor Village View private bath $3,600/shared $3,200 per person

Not Pictured Siena Second Floor Village View private bath $3,600/shared $3,200 per person

Girasole Third Floor Village View private bath $3,600/shared $3,200 per person

Granaio shared $3,600 per person shared. Share this room with a friend: Garden View

Note : TFK does not provide roommates. To register for this room you need a roommate or two. Three people can be in this room.

The “double room” as it has two queen beds. One is a pullout but very comfortable. Largest room.


Second Floor Garden View private bath $3,800/shared $3,400 per person


Second Floor Garden View private bath $3,800/shared $3,400 per person

Maddalena Second Floor Garden View with Balcony private bath $3,800/shared $3,400 per person

Madre Ground Floor private bath $3,900/shared $3,500 per person

Health and Fitness

While we do relax often, we also walk to sites in the village for meals and tours. Longer walks are optional and we can hire a driver when we go to Castelmuzio (2 miles). When a driver is hired, the expense is shared by those using this service. The Villa has stairs and getting on and off the train must be manageable as well. Other knitters are always glad to assist, but be sure you’re fit enough for the basics. A good gauge is how far you can walk. We recommend being able to walk a mile.

We make every effort to ensure Trips for Knitters are accessible to as many people as possible. Please read the TFK Health & Fitness Tip.


How much does this trip cost?

Pricing is based on room choice (except Buffalo WY) and whether you choose private or shared. All prices are per person. See Pricing. We recommend reserving your space with the non-refundable deposit as soon as possible as the spaces will go quickly.

When is payment due?

After making your non-refundable deposit, final payment is due April 30. See Pricing.

What will my expenses be?

The cost does not include airfare, transportation to/from airport or from another city, alcohol, personal items, and any optional activities. For Buffalo WY, lodging is arranged directly with the hotel and is at the participant’s expense.

What is the schedule like?

At Trips for Knitters, we provide a balance of activities, knitting time, workshops and special events. Count on time during each day for relaxation as well as social time, great meals, and interesting local exploration. We never leave our lodging early in the morning and we never miss a meal! Specific trip schedules are listed in The Experience.

How do I get specific questions answered?

Contact us.

How do I register?

Simply sign up online. If you have issues please contact us.

Can I bring my husband, friend, family member who is not a knitter?

For these events, we charge everyone the same, so that person sharing your room will pay the same amount as you, but you will each pay the shared room rate, which is less than the private room rate. Please read our Notes for Non-Knitters, which pertains to any non-knitters traveling with you. Non-knitters participate in all activities as they choose, including day trips, meals and tours.

How do I connect with other  participating knitters?

We’ll put everyone in touch electronically, facilitating email communication.

What should I bring?

We recommend traveling light. Once you have registered, you’ll have access to Tips for Travelers, which includes a packing list.

I am on a specific diet. Can my dietary needs be met?

Most likely, but contact us to discuss. We can accommodate most diet issues with advance notice. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free diets are generally not a problem.

Do we have to assist in meal preparation or clean up?

You do not have to prepare meals or clean up. You do not have to make your bed! It really is a relaxation trip with a light schedule and lots of time for knitting, connecting with others, learning and doing what you want.

What are the physical requirements of the trip?

We want every knitter to enjoy their trip and make every effort to ensure Trips for Knitters are accessible to as many people as possible. For specific trip details, see The Experience, above.

Some of the trips are more physically demanding and may not be suitable for everyone. Contact us if you have questions or wish to discuss the amount of walking, stair climbing or other physical demands, especially if you have back, knee, or hip issues.

To gauge your level of fitness, we suggest you honestly assess your ability to walk 1–5 miles at a reasonable pace. If you become short of breath, experience cramping or spasms, or find that this exacerbates a medical condition, you may not want to register for the trip. Contact us if you have questions about the physical demands of any trip.

While age is just a number, we need to screen participants over 75 years old to discuss the physical and mental demands of the trip. Send an email and a good time to call and discuss. We hope you’ll qualify without hesitation, but we want to be sure you are up to the trip before you register, pay, and embark on travel.

Please let us know if you have any mobility or medical issues which may affect your ability to fully undertake the event as described. We accept no liability for mobility or medical issues that we are not told about prior to the trip. Advise us of any changes after registering and before the trip takes place.

Any questions or concerns, we’re here to discuss in confidentiality. We want the best outcome and enjoyment for every participant of Trips for Knitters events.

I have physical limitations and wonder if I’ll be able to manage this trip?

Feel free to contact us to discuss whether this trip is appropriate for your limitations.

What if I need to cancel for some reason?

• The $500 per person non-refundable deposit is just that: non-refundable.
• All cancellations must be in writing. Email is acceptable.
• Cancellation does not necessarily result in a partial refund.
• Cancellations within 60 days of start date of event may result in a partial refund only if the space is filled.
• There is no refund for cancellations less than 30 days prior to the start date of event.
• If a participant is reimbursed through insurance, Trips for Knitters will not process an additional refund.
• We strongly urge participants to purchase travel insurance to cover airfare and event expense in the event of cancellation. Please read our Travel Insurance Tip.

Read the Trips for Knitters Responsibility/Disclaimer Statement

Questions? Contact us

• Rooms are available as Private or Shared (with your friend; we don’t match up roommates). Review pricing information, see Pricing.