Knitting Holiday in Norway

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In partnership with Strikkeferie, we’re offering Knitting Holiday Romsdal in Andalsnes, Norway. Absolutely beautiful, settled in a valley at the tip of fjords, Andalsnes is also home to Rauma Wool mill, Norway’s leading yarn maker. We’re hosting knitters from the USA with a focus on Norwegian knitting. This trip includes visits to Rauma Wool Mill, an historic sheep farm, a felting workshop, and Norway’s only winery. Enjoy a cooking class, related activities, sightseeing, and discovering the natural beauty of the area in addition to the knitting workshops held in a historic restored one-room schoolhouse. Workshops and tours are in English.

You won’t feel like a tourist on this trip, rather like a cousin or friend visiting for the first time. Experience home-cooked traditional Norwegian meals, superior hospitality that is the hallmark of the Norwegian people, and events that connect you directly with the people, culture, knitting, and food of this part of Norway.

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May 3-10


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